Protect Your Music Via Blockchain

How to protect your music from copycats

Being a songwriter, musician or producer means putting tons of time, effort, and creativity into your work, whether it is a text, music, or any other sort of composition. Not only the result but also the process of such work could be emotionally rewarding. However, if your work is unprotected and gets stolen your hard work input could get instantly devalued. We are about to present you with the Mytitle platform where you can simply certify your music, design, or for example contract forms. We provide ownership certification of any files.

Fighting the audio copycats

If your intellectual property has been abused by another person the first thing you can do is to propose the infringer of your work to stop and take back all the proceeds. Legally it is advised to send an official letter which has to contain 3 important pieces of information. First, you need to specify what work you refer to and provide the evidence of its ownership. Then describe what action you want the infringer to take and last but not least, make sure you put in the due date of taking such precaution. Without these facts, your letter would mean just another sheet of paper and no one would be obligated to take the proposed action. So for your safer future, let's see how easy it is to obtain your ownership certification of the next art piece.

Prove your intellectual property ownership

Make sure that you won't share your music (or any other data file) with anybody before certifying your work. This is an essential step if you want to prevent your data from any sort of infringement. Remember, making sure your work is safe from any thievery secures its future devaluation and your loss of potential financial reward.

Mytitle opens the door to your ownership certification

Wrap your fresh piece of music in a computer file and upload it into your personal online storage on Mytitle. Within this platform, your data will be encrypted, stored and the evidence of this action in the form of digital hashcode will be submitted to the Ethereum blockchain where no field data can be altered. To be cool, you end up holding a certificate that can be legally recognized when you need to prove your ownership of particular data by any institution or representative. The certificate carries the information about your data files, the submission time, and the code identifier which enables you to track this data on the blockchain.

Share your music safely

At its core, this whole process is quite complex. Important is that you only need a few dollars and a few minutes to upload your audio files. In the next step, you can share your art without worrying that someone will take over its ownership.

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Mytitle is an online platform that gives access to fast and simple protection of any uploaded files. Whether it is an audio file, graphics, or for example a 3D model. You simply select your plan, submit your files and the relevant information, and in the next moment, your ownership is permanently certified. Why do you need it? To prevent your ideas and work against copyright infringement. Win the next battle against the copycats. Keep it yours.