Terms and Conditions

  1. Introductory Provisions

    1. These Terms and Conditions for European Customers (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms and Conditions, EU") of Mytitle which is a product of the Company ARTinii Production sro Hybernská 1034/5, Nové Město PSČ: 110 00 IČO: 034 09 759, incorporated in the Commercial Register C 231255 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze (hereinafter referred to as "the Seller") shall regulate in accordance with the provisions of Section 1751 (1) of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Czech Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as the “ Civil Code ”), the mutual rights and obligations of the Contracting Parties concluded between the Seller and by another natural person (hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer") through the Seller's online store. The online store is operated by the Seller on a website located at the website Mytitle.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"), which offers the following product: record of intellectual property rights and other proprietary rights via permanent, non-erasable entry.

    2. Terms and Conditions, EU do not apply in the following cases:

      1. legal entity ordering product in the course of its business activities; or

      2. person ordering product in the course of his or her own profession.

    3. The Terms and Conditions, EU may be amended or supplemented by the Seller. This provision shall not affect the rights and obligations arising during the period of effect of the previous version of the Terms and Conditions, EU.

  2. User Account

    1. Upon registration of the Buyer on the website (hereinafter referred to as "user account"), the Buyer may order product.

    2. "When registering on the website and ordering product the Buyer is obliged to correctly and truthfully state all information and data provided.

    3. User account access is secured by username and password. The Buyer agrees to maintain confidentiality regarding the information necessary to access his user account.

    4. The Buyer is not entitled to allow third parties to use the User Account.

    5. The Seller can cancel a user account when the Buyer violates his obligations from Terms and Conditions, EU.

    6. The Buyer acknowledges that the User Account may not be available continuously, and it especially due to the necessary maintenance of hardware and software of the Seller or third parties.

  3. Conclusion of The Terms and Conditions

    1. Seller is not obliged to sell product on the website. Section 1732 (2) of the Czech Civil Code does not apply.

    2. The website contains information about the product. The prices of the product are listed including the tax and all related charges.

    3. To order the product, the Buyer will fill in the order form in the website. In particular, the order form contains information about:

      1. ordered product (the Buyer inserts the ordered product into the electronic shopping cart of the website);

      2. the method of payment of the purchase price of the product; and

      3. cost information related to delivering the product (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Order").

    4. Before sending the Order to the Seller, the Buyer is allowed to check and change the data to be sent to the Seller. The data listed in the Order is declared to be correct by the Buyer. The Seller shall immediately confirm receipt of the Order by email to the Buyer at the Buyer's email address specified in user account or Order (hereinafter referred to as "Buyer's email address").

    5. The contractual relationship between the Seller and the Buyer arises upon delivery of the Order acceptance (acceptance) that is sent to the Buyer by email to the Buyer's email address.

    6. The Buyer agrees to use the means of distance communication to conclude the Terms and Conditions, EU.

  4. Price of Product and Payment Terms

    1. The price of the product and any costs associated with the delivery of the product under the Terms and Conditions, EU may be paid by the Buyer to the Seller by credit or debit card;

    2. The Buyer's obligation to pay the purchase price is fulfilled at the moment of crediting the relevant amount to the Seller's account.

    3. Any discounts from prices of product provided by the Seller to the Buyer cannot be combined.

    4. In the case of commercial transactions, or if required by law, the Seller shall issue the Buyer a tax invoice. The tax invoice will be issued by the Seller to the Buyer after the price of the product has been paid and will be sent to the Buyer electronic form to the Buyer's email address.

  5. Withdrawal from the Terms and Conditions

    1. Buyer acknowledges that § 1837 of the Czech Civil Code applies and it is not possible, inter alia, to withdraw from the Terms and Conditions, EU for the delivery of product that have been modified according to the Buyer's wishes; all Mytitle products are modified according to the Buyer's wishes.

    2. Until the product is received by the Buyer, the Seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract at any time. In such a case, the Seller shall return the purchase price to the Buyer to the account specified by the Buyer.

  6. Rights from Defective Performance

    1. Rights and Obligations of the Parties with respect to the Rights of defective performance is governed by the relevant generally binding legal regulations (in particular § 1914 to 1925, § 2099 to 2117 and § 2161 to 2174 of the Czech Civil Code).

    2. Seller is responsible, that upon receipt of, product has no material defects. In case of alleged defect, the Seller is liable to the Buyer that at the time the product were received by the Buyer:

      1. the product has properties that the parties have agreed;

      2. the product is fit for the purpose for which it is used by the Seller or to which products of this kind are usually used;

      3. the product corresponds to the quality or design of the agreed sample or template, if the quality or design was determined according to the agreed sample or template; and

      4. the product complies with legal requirements.

  7. Other Rights and Obligations of the Parties

    1. In relation to the Buyer, the Seller is not bound by any codes of conduct within the meaning of Section 1826 (1) (a). e) of the Czech Civil Code.

    2. Out-of-court settlement of consumer complaints is provided by the Seller via the following email address: support@mytitle.com . The Seller shall send the Buyer's complaint to the Buyer's email address.

    3. Trade control is carried out within the scope of its competence by the relevant Trade Licensing Office. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority performs, to a limited extent, supervision of compliance with Act no. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended.

    4. The Buyer hereby assumes the risk of changing circumstances within the meaning of Section 1765 (2) of the Czech Civil Code.

  8. Protection of Personal Data

    1. The protection of personal data of the Buyer who is a natural person is provided by Act no. 101/2000 Coll., On Personal Data Protection, as amended.

    2. Buyer agrees to process their personal data: first name, surname, home address, and identification number, tax identification number, email address and phone number, (hereinafter collectively referred to as “personal data").

    3. The Buyer agrees with the processing of personal data by the Seller for the purpose of realization of rights and obligations from Terms and Conditions, EU and for the purpose of maintaining a user account. The Buyer may also opt to consent to the processing of personal data by the Seller as well as for the purpose of sending commercial messages and information to the Buyer.

    4. The Buyer acknowledges that he is obliged to keep his personal data (at registration, in his user account, when ordering from the website) and truthfully and that he is obliged to inform the Seller without undue delay of any change in the Buyer's personal data.

    5. The Seller may authorize a third party to process the Buyer's personal data as a processor, as is necessary to fulfil the service.

    6. Personal data will be processed indefinitely. Personal data will be processed in electronic form in an automated manner or in printed form in a non-automated manner.

    7. The Buyer confirms that the personal information provided is accurate and that he or she has been advised that he or she has voluntarily provided personal data.

    8. In the event that the Buyer believes that the Seller or the Processor (Art. 9.5) is processing its personal data that is contrary to the protection of the Buyer's privacy or in violation of the law, the Buyer may:

      1. ask the Seller or processor for explanation

      2. require the Seller or processor to discontinue processing its personal data in this way.

    9. If the Buyer asks for information on the processing of their personal data, the Seller is obliged to provide this information. The Seller has the right to request a reasonable reimbursement for providing the information not exceeding the costs necessary for providing the information.

  9. Sending Commercial Communications and Storing Cookies

    1. The Buyer agrees to receive information related to the product or business of the Seller via email and further agrees to receive commercial communications from the Seller via email.

    2. Buyer agrees to store so-called cookies on his computer, which will enable him or her to gain the full benefit of the product. Though, the Buyer may withdraw consent to store so-called cookies on his computer at any time, which may interfere with the Buyer’s ability to gain the full benefit of the product.

  10. Delivery

    1. The product may be delivered to the Buyer's email address.

  11. Final Provision

    1. Parties agree that the relationship is governed by the procedural laws and courts of the Republic of Ireland, including conflict of law laws and the substantive laws of the Czech Republic. This does not prejudice consumer's rights arising out of generally binding legal regulations.

    2. The invalidity or ineffectiveness of one provision shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of the Terms and Conditions, EU.

    3. Attachment business conditions form a model form for withdrawal from the contract.