Legal Statement

A key feature of the European copyright is the informal nature of protection. A person’s copyright arises automatically when the work is created by the author. The author does not have to apply to an office, they do not have to pay a fee, and they do not have to wait for the completion of a registration procedure. Unlike industrial property rights, protection is therefore simpler and cheaper. The disadvantage is that without documentation in a public register; the author is dependent on supporting evidence.

The purpose of our “Mytitle” service is to protect you against the dangers that occur when you share a previously unpublished work with another person (e.g. a client, producer, publisher, studio, social media, etc.). Your work may subsequently get into the hands of a dishonest person who will attempt to claim authorship of your work.

Perhaps your work has not yet seen the light of day or is in the process of development, and it has not been published under your name. You will have trouble in proving that you have created the work during a copyright dispute. It may even happen that only two people who have seen your work; yourself and a person claiming ownership of your work.

As admissible (or acceptable) indirect evidence of authorship, a person’s "Mytitle Certificate" clarifies that you had submitted the work (with a specified time, date, validation of identity, and verification of the file) before any dispute of ownership was discussed.

It is well established in global treaties and agreements that most countries recognise certain inalienable rights of ownership of creative work. The Bern Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works itself has 177 signatory countries out of 195 countries in the world today. The rights to claim ownership of work begins the moment when the work is created and expressed in a objectively perceptible form. It is not dependent on an entity, be it Mytitle or copyright office. These channels validate a person claims of ownership in a demonstrable way.

Mytitle does not individually verify the characteristics or the content and their relation to the requirements of European copyright and of individual states. Only the validity/security of the timestamp and encrypted backup is the responsibility of Mytitle. Thus, our "Mytitle" service is similar to a notary and can serve as an (indirect) proof of work for a specified day and time.