How to Protect Ideas and Inventions?

Protection of an idea?

You’ve got a “million-dollar” idea that keeps you up at night? Work on it and share it with the world but first, let’s make sure it is not at risk of copyright infringement. But how to do it? Let us introduce you to the solution that will protect all of your ideas, in different words intellectual property. But before we get to that, let’s first discuss the term copyright and how it works in the intangible world.

What is a copyright?

The copyright law protects you from copyright infringement. But the rules on this vary from country to country. For instance, in the United States you must apply for a copyright to gain legal protection, which can take several months. There are also different legal protection marks for different types of intellectual property. Patent protects innovations, trademark protects brand names and logos, geographical indications protects product which is specifically linked to its geographical origin and trade secrets protects confidential information.

Is it possible to copyright an idea?

Copyright protects the creative work of the author, so all protection of any creative or constructive expression stands behind this term. So yes, it can be done, but there is a major condition. Your creation needs to be submitted in an objective form for copyright protection, which is easy. Simply after you get the idea put it on a paper or to a word document and scan it or save it into a computer file. Keep your files hidden and do not show them publicly until you have your legal verification mark or code.

How simple it is to lose your right to claim an idea ownership?

Imagine you haven’t published your work yet (for example a set of logos), but you have shared some of it with a potential investor, client, or customer. A while later you randomly run into this logo placed onto a billboard, finding out that someone started profiting on your idea without your approval. In this case, there may be no way to prove that you’re a victim of an idea theft. If your creation doesn’t have a signature and there is no DNA signed, there’s nothing you can do.

Use the digital notary for the confirmation of your ownership and thus the protection of all your creations. We use an effective system of blockchain technology to provide you with an immutable timestamp proving that you are the owner and that you are linked to the file at a specific date & time before anyone will claim the opposite. We access a lifelong proof of ownership & 10 years of storage backup for any of your submitted files.

Keep it yours

Having proof that you are the author of your creation before and even after you published it, helps you to gain protection and win potential disputes over the ownership with anybody, who tries to take what is rightfully yours. Standard stamp is from 3$. Check the details of our plans on and protect your ideas today!