How To Protect Your Text and Literary Work?

Become a permanent owner of your work

Sometimes to become a great author takes “more than” spending days wandering in your inner bubble of creativity. Being able to give your work further purpose means to take care of it’s safety, so your creative identity doesn't get wracked by copycats.

Why is it important to protect your text?

Protecting your work is important because only by securing your ownership rights to your creativity you are able to generate some value in return for the hard work and passion you have put into it. The power of word is considered to be one of the most powerful since it may contain so much and affect so many. Imagine a story that has never been heard before. Song lyrics which become an anthem and devour many, therefore organically rises in its value. And also imagine there is a simple mechanism that secures your ownership claim to such valuable content.

How to protect my literary work?

Mytitle is an online platform that accesses a simple confirmation system to anybody. It does not regard only typed text. It covers any type of document stored through a computer file. Most common documents submitted for confirmation are contracts, production scripts, lyrics or graphic designs. Created a profile on and access your private storage. Uploaded documents will be encrypted and stored by Mytitle. Later created evidence of your data in the form of special code is submitted into blockchain where it is permanently trackable. You receive an ownership certificate which contains all this data and serves as a solid proof that you are the owner of a particular content.

Why text, manuscripts or else should be protected?

You never know when you come up with a great idea which comes out in the form of words, perhaps song lyrics or a character’s story. Being able to give a word higher purpose is not an easy skill to manage. Therefore those, who do not possess such challenging skill, often seek to find the perfect word. What if it is going to be your words they will try to acquire. They may not want to use it and monetize it, but the moment your work is taken and used for granded, it is forever compromised and the probability you would be able to prove it was yours may be ultimately gone. So protect your hard work, your creativity and keep the opportunity to make money on what you have worked on.

It is very simple

Certify your ownership first before you share it publicly with the world. Use Mytitle and do it today, online, for only 3$ per 500 MB file.

Having proof that you are the author of your creation before and even after you published it, helps you to gain protection and win potential disputes over the ownership with anybody, who tries to take what is rightfully yours. Standard stamp is from 3$. Check the details of our plans on and protect your ideas today! Learn more about how to protect your work and read about interesting cases.