3 Reasons Why Creatives Need to Protect Their Intellectual Property

The thrill of making something new is a feeling that every creative individual cherishes.

Whether you’ve just created some graphic design, composed a catchy melody, built an original structure with your 3D printer, or illustrated something that’s never been seen before, the moment a new idea finds its form is something that creatives live for. But if you really take your creative work seriously, you need to care more about protecting it as intellectual property.

Too often, creatives put their heart and mind into their new creations, but then neglect to make sure that their original idea remains their property. At Mytitle, we aim to make copycats and copyright infringement a thing of the past. But to do so we need cooperation from creative minds. So here are three reasons why creatives need to care more about intellectual property.

1.Ideas can be lucrative

When you’re laboring away in your room it can be hard to imagine that you’ll ever make money off your creative projects. But the world is always looking for new ideas and there’s huge potential to cash in on your creativity, with the right marketing and connections. Film ideas, illustrations, songs, manuscripts: the right project will always find the right audience, and if you have a little sales acumen, it’s not impossible that you can make real money from the things you make. But in order to do so, you must be able to prove the originality of your ideas. If your intellectual property isn’t secure, your financial future isn’t either.

2. Your creations are not safe

Unfortunately, the world is full of copycats just looking for an opportunity to take advantage of other people’s ideas. And unlike those in business, many in the creative world pride themselves on not bothering with the little details of money and property. This is a massive mistake, as anyone who has been the victim of idea theft or copyright infringement will tell you. Until your idea has been made public, it’s impossible to prove that it’s yours. Yes, there is such a thing as copyright, but the laws can be complicated and they vary from country to country, often with a long application processes. What creatives really need is a platform that will instantly ensure the continued security of their creative ideas, and that is why we started Mytitle.

3. Securing your ideas ensures their longevity

You never know which of your creative ideas will take off, and you never know when. Ideas that are ahead of their time often take a while to be recognized for what they are. If they aren’t secured, you might not be the one to earn income when the time comes. Securing your creative ideas ensures their longevity and also ensures that they will remain demonstrably yours, no matter what happens. Working with a secure platform like Mytitle is easy, but it’s also an investment into the future of your creative career and helps guarantee the longevity of your ideas. Make Mytitle the last step in your creative process and you will have the confidence that your ideas remain yours and remain possibly profitable — forever.

Drag it, drop it, protect it!

Mytitle’s blockchain technology ensures that your best ideas will always be secure. From the moment you enter your intellectual property into our platform, you never again have to worry about warding off copycats. If you truly respect your creations, you’ll keep them safe.