How to Protect Your Artwork?

Have you ever created some piece of art, perhaps a beautiful sketch, photo, image or composed catchy music melody? Imagine you post it on your instagram profile perhaps to show off, but a few months later it appears on a street banner with someone else’s signature. Question: Has someone else taken credits for your creations? Yes. Will you be able to prove that that was actually yours to start with? Probably very hardly. So what can you do to protect your creative achievements?

Copyright your art work through a digital notary

A digital notary provides a fast and a simple method of time stamping your designs, photos, scripts or any other documents. Briefly explained, your digitized documents are being encrypted, saved on secured storage and hashed with your unique identification code.

Get your authorship certificate

For every such processed file you receive the Mytitle certificate which carries this code and that can legally prove your authorship. This digital protection is based on the ethereum contracting system which in its nature provides an undeniable protection.

Your creative ideas are protected

By having the authorship certificate you are able to prove what belongs to you. Any third party can identify data preserved through digital protection with your authorization code. Your ownership is verified.

Take back what someone has tried to steal from you

So, next time you see your sketch displayed and signed by someone else, just smile slightly. Because with the Mytitle certificate in your hand, those guys will be in real trouble and you will get back what’s rightfully yours.

Mytitle your Artwork

Having proof that you are the author of your creation before and even after you published it, helps you to gain protection and win potential disputes over the ownership with anybody, who tries to take what is rightfully yours. Standard stamp is from 3$. Check the details of our plans on and protect your ideas today! Learn more about how to protect your work and read about interesting cases.