Why should graphic designes be protected?

To all designers

When you think about the value of Rembrandt, Gustav Klimt, Banksy and others before the digital age, what they have in common is that each one of them had a different style, unique talents, different visions and intentions. All of them managed to break through but let's be honest - exploiting their art skills in the past - decades, centuries before there were copy machines and computers on every corner - that was a whole different story. Today's graphic designers are in a completely different situation. The production of graphic design rapidly increases because everything around us, real or virtual, at some point, has to meet the aspect of design.

In this age designs get often devaluated

The ocean of graphic designers, and their each-one-of-them-unique creatives, is being filled up continuously but still, so many people are looking for something unique. Oftentimes they choose to copy a design because they are missing the talent of creativity themselves.

Make sure your art has some kind of protection mark

So that is the graphic design landscape. Therefore there is one crucial thing you should manage if your intention is to go big with your creative deeds. In the process of putting together your graphic portfolio, make sure your art has some kind of mark that says “I've created this by this date. This is the original idea.”

Certify your ownership by getting a digital timestamp of your work

The timestamp refers to what you have and when stored. Mytitle gives you perhaps the easiest way to secure your ownership via blockchain. The action of data storing is submitted into a digital block on Litecoin blockchain and it is generated in the form of an ownership certificate.

Later you can share this document with any other party. The best, use this certificate directly in your portfolio so everybody knows you are not to be played with because they see your ownership mark displayed.

Mytitle your ideas today & stay tuned

Start with Mytitle for free and try how easy it is to get your “formated” ideas protected and covered with your own timestamp so you can finally kick off your future business. Go to our website to learn more about Mytitle, follow us on social media, and continue down the topics here on our blog. We are trying to make the topic of idea and data protection comprehensible, but do not hesitate to contact us in case you can't find the answers to your questions.