Jerry Koza, Atelier SAD at the Future of Coworking conference

In today's digital age, your intellectual property is not safe

“Historically, it has been normal, that human is a part of a trend, cubism, functionalism and of others, but it still does not mean that these things should be copied completely or in a way that they will be interchangeable at the first sight.”

Jerry Koza and Atelier SAD were several times awarded for their gas station GAS Matúškovo, in Slovakia. Their architectonic design has gained world recognition and awards. A long-term project, which was built in structure upon architectonic plans, technical studies, case analysis and progressively made into a project of a modern gas station concept. Over a year of work. A few years later, a faithful copy was built in the Czech Republic by the STOPKA petrol station, and its design drew broad attention as well as emotions. Even the immediate surroundings of the authors thought it was their work. But it wasn’t. It was a matter of plagiarism.

Jerry Koza and his associates were shocked. Someone has pulled up a copy version of their design and suddenly their months of work turned into stacks of blemishing news. Based on their creative ideas but built without their awareness. The case was taken by the law firm Havel and partners but yet without the court decision. Now either the out-of-court settlement will rectify the situation, or there will be a dispute over proving the authorship rights.

In such cases, Mytitle helps to prevent authors from situations when there otherwise would be an endless dispute over intellectual property theft. Cases, which are most difficult for the financial, time, and energy costs, often resulting in an ultimate loss. Having a time-efficient and affordable system, which is very easy to use, may help the next time. Only the authors have to think of the importance of intellectual property protection.

Drag it, drop it, protect it!

Mytitle’s blockchain technology ensures that your best ideas will always be secure. From the moment you enter your intellectual property into our platform, you never again have to worry about warding off copycats. If you truly respect your creations, you’ll keep them safe.

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