A Discussion on Copyrights and Intellectual Property

Jeffrey Monteforte & Viktor Košut

authorJeffrey Monteforte Aug 5, 2019

The Debriefing: Our interview with Mr Kosut related to debunking myths commonly associated with copyrighting and protecting one's work. It was stressed in the video that all creators are under threat to have their work stolen. Interestingly, a few professions mostly commonly affected are screenplays, photos, and music. Relating to music, Mr. Kosut proffered tips a band or co-songwriters can implement to simply ownership.

Additionally, we discussed at what stage a concept or an idea is eligible for protection. Regarding Mytitle and our MY certificates, we learned how it is applicable in court as indirect evidence. A simple explanation is that our certificates operate as a time stamp validating when you owned a particular file. The moment a person upload's a file to us the metadata of the file is encrypted and that line of code is entered into a blockchain. A blockchain is like a digital ledger of transactions which is recognised universally. The certificate not only mentions when a person had a file but also when the encrypted file was entered into a blockchain. Being a blockchain by its nature is unalterable, there is irrefutable proof that an author/creator created the file and uploaded a file/document.

The only caveat to the interview is that within the United States the laws are slightly different when applied to U.S. citizens. Most nations recognise the rights of a natural copyright, that is to say, copyright protection is given to a person at the moment of creation. Proving in court a specific claim and correlating that to a specific date is quite difficult and may require at times additional legal support. In the US, a person is recognised to be under copyright protection at the immediate time of creation but to claim damages in a matter of an intellectual property dispute the plaintiff (a U.S. citizen) must have a registered U.S. copyright. With Mytitle, a person can somewhat instantly validate their claim and present their certificate as indirect evidence. In the US, your Mytitle certificate can complement a U.S. copyright and safeguard earlier drafts or proposals of work.

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