What happened on the 3rd of December 2019?

What happened on the 3rd of December 2019?

Let´s get to know a few real cases of when to use digital timestamp and situations where troubles of not having proof of ownership have escalated

Feb 3, 2020

Last year, on the 3rd of December, we held a conference about the future of coworking and the protection of intellectual property. Our founders, Vít Krajíček and Ctirad Hemelík, presented Mytitle as a useful product providing intellectual property right protection using blockchain technology.
We invite people from the creative and business industry, who talked about their experience using Mytitle, others shared their stories about how they had a difficult time proving the ownership of their design and all of them open the debate on how safely share ideas and protect IP.

Libor Witasek is the owner of DC Vision and his Strojcar s.r.o. is the leading domestic prototype manufacturer of safety features for the aviation and aerospace industries.

"I am under no illusion that our products will not be copied
but thanks to Mytitle and its blockchain technology our customers will know
that those are our original products. That will protect our know-how.
Mytitle has become an indispensable tool in our entire production process.
It starts with the secure storage of the original 3D drawings for every single part
and ends with assembly records. Mytitle securely records and stores all these key processes
which protect their know-how and patents. "

Libor Witasek

Vít Endler is a crowdfunding and start-up project veteran. He said that blockchain technology, on which Mytitle is based, excludes any authorities that are normally needed to complete transactions including lawyers, notaries, banks and state authorities. Another advantage is the ability to track whether a specific idea is progressing on the business side of things.

" Mytitle's technology makes Mytitle an easy-to-use, quick and affordable tool
that ensures secure transactions between two parties.
Without the need to involve another authority that only complicates the process. "

Vít Endler

Jerry Koza and Atelier SAD have been awarded several times for their gas station GAS Matúškovo. Their faithful copy was recently built in the Czech Republic by the STOPKA petrol station. Now either the out-of-court settlement will rectify the situation, or there will be a dispute over proving authorship.

"Historically, it has been normal, that human is a part of a trend,
cubism, functionalism and of others, but it still does not mean, that these things should be copied
completely or in a way, that they will be interchangeable at first sight.”

Jerry Koza

Jakub Korouš and Jan Kloss were Botas 66 court designers for ten years, who breathed new life into the sneakers. All of a sudden, the management decided to offer their designed products on their own. Today they face a situation where they will have to protect their own works from the brand owner. 

“I'm surprised myself, what color combinations we have designed so far
and I got lost a little bit. Actually, Mytitle could put it in order,
we can have it in one place with the record of ownership.”

Jakub Korouš

For several times Peter Novague has been awarded for his FAVORIT bicycle design. Although, everything he has designed was 3 years later disputed by the owner, including the authorship.

“People are naive, when they say, that it is not necessary to sign a handover document.
For what, when a technician signed those drawings?
But then he [owner] contradicts, that he does not know the technician.”

Peter Novague

The conference took place in an amazing co-working space WeWork at Prague. And as we were also talking about the future of coworking, we get to the point that there is no need to be afraid of sharing your ideas with your team. You can safe your ideas in Mytitle and share it with your colleagues as everybody will know who is the author of the idea. There doesn´t have to be a lawyer for your client or colleague to know that. Digital certificates can make the process faster and prevent potential troubles with proving ownership.
Have you experienced something similar as some of our guests or do you have the same attitude towards protecting ideas as we do? If so, we are happy that you are on the same board with us.

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